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We are experts in Advertising & Marketing Translations. We can help you convey your message to reach the 18%  of US Hispanics, or almost 59 million people. 

At ¿Cómo Se Dice? Translation Agency, we specialize in Spanish to English & English to Spanish translations in Marketing, Advertising, Communications and Visual Arts. We translate sales and marketing materials for individuals and corporations alike.  We use our knowledge of the language and culture to create context accurate translations. 


We are passionate about our language and culture, and it is important for us to deliver translations that any person from Latin America living in the United States can understand in their native Spanish language. Our goal is to provide clients with translations that are culturally and grammatically accurate as well as context relevant to better serve the Hispanic Market and help you create brand awareness, increase sales and communicate effectively to the Hispanic community by speaking their language.  


Our Marketing translation services include:

Advertising & Marketing Copy.png

Why do translations take so long?



To give you some perspective below is a visual representation of what the translation process looks like.  Quality translations take time.  Sometimes, it is necessary to do a third or fourth draft depending on the complexity, context of the document being translated and the target audience.  

The Translation Process

Translation Process - Jan 2017 v.3 - Feb

Translation Project Considerations

A general misconception in translating documents is pricing per word. If only it were that simple. Below are some factors and considerations for each translation project.


  • Number of Words or Size of Project

    • In general, the text translated from English to Spanish will expand by about 20%.

    • Alternatively,  Spanish to English translation text will contract by around 20%.

  • Document Type

    • Our specialties are in the Marketing and Advertising fields.

    • General texts which are fairly simple will be the least expensive while Engineering, Pharmaceutical, and Legal texts usually are the more costly.

  • Format Complexity

  • Deliverable Timeline

For a free quote or more information, please contact us by filling out the form on our contact page or by emailing us at

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